Denison Web

Developing JavaScript Applications

For Over 13 Years

JavaScript is My Specialty

Executing in both the browser and on the server, I believe that a well implemented, full-stack JavaScript solution is optimal for most businesses needs. As a result I have spent the time to truly learn and understand the language and all of it's quirks and features. Some companies that I have developed exceptional solutions for include Target, Stats, Time Warner, WhoSay, and more.

Frontend Mastery

I always like to use the best tool for the job and have used a wide range of libraries and frameworks. Now mostly focused on React and Redux for the client, I have also built applications using many other different JavaScript libraries/frameworks including Next.js, jQuery, Backbone.js, Chaplin.js, Knockout.js, Mithril.js, Angularjs, as well as the CSS frameworks Semantic UI and Bootstrap.

Backend Mastery

With just as much experience on the backend as the frontend and a love for real-time solutions, my preference now is to use Feathersjs with Postgres running in a Docker container. In the past I have also used Express, Koa, and LoopBack with a variety of different databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, and even Firebase for mobile solutions.

Devops Experience

Having always wanted to be able to deploy and host my applications myself has lead to a lot of experience and experimenting with linux, which I have been using since I started programming. I am comfortable performing most tasks, whether it's reverse proxying from apache2/nginx to a Glassfish/Tomcat application server, optimizing the Gentoo kernel for minimum resource utilization or setting up a local development environment using docker and docker-compose.

"Jordan has been a wonderful contributor to our application development efforts. He knows how to work steadily and reliably from his home office, as part of a distributed team. His advice has been good. He has the technical skills to build responsive Node.js applications. He uses and designs API interfaces effectively. He helped us move to a docker container architecture. He can turn around a feature request within a day or two."

- Andy Singleton, Co-Founder at

"Jordan has been a great asset over the years. We've worked together on some very high profile projects. I am always impressed with his passion for elegance in his source code and eagerness to embrace better and improved tech. Not only is he a great engineer and problem solver, but he has extensive experience solving day to day problems with clients. I currently use Jordan periodically for his experience and expertise in source code and system auditing. My clients love him. I will without a doubt continue to include him on future projects to come. His humor, candor and experience are invaluable."

- Carlos Pliego, Technology Leader

"Jordan is very passionate and has great vision for his work. His focus keeps everything moving smoothly, he makes sure all the deadlines are met, and makes sure that whatever project he is working on meets the highest standards."

- Vojtech Hromek, Senior Developer

"Working with Jordan was a breeze. Clean architecture and knowledgeable decisions, along with good communication skills makes up for the ideal teammate that Jordan is."

- Roberto von Schoettler, Lead Software Engineer

"Jordan's knowledge of clean architecture and functional programming is refreshing. We've spent many hours perfecting a backend system that was agile and easy to maintain. I would definitely love to work with Jordan again."

- Joseph Callaars, Senior Software Engineer

"Jordan is an amazing asset to our team. While I've worked with many developers, Jordan's personality type is as unique as his wide range of skills. He not only has a strong focus on excelling at every task on which he works, he also makes work more fun; engaging his team members and collaborating with a contagious attitude."

- Kent Safranski, Software Architect

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