Denison Web

Developing JavaScript Applications

For Over 9 Years

JavaScript is my Specialty

Executing in both the browser and on the server, I believe that a well implemented, full-stack JavaScript solution is optimal for most businesses needs. As a result I have spent the time to truly learn and understand the language and all of it's quirks and features. Some companies that I have developed exceptional solutions for include TargetStatsTime WarnerWhoSay,  and more.

Frontend Mastery

I always like to use the best tool for the job and have used a wide range of libraries and frameworks. Now mostly focused on React  and Redux for the client,  I have also built applications using many other different JavaScript libraries/frameworks  including Next.jsjQueryBackbone.jsChaplin.jsKnockout.jsMithril.jsAngularjs,  as well as the CSS frameworks Semantic UI  and Bootstrap.

Backend Mastery

With just as much experience on the backend as the frontend and a love for real-time solutions, my preference now is to use Feathersjs  with Postgres  running in a Docker container. In the past I have also used ExpressKoa,  and LoopBack with a variety of different databases such as MySQLMongoDBRedisElasticsearch, and even Firebase for mobile solutions.

"Jordan is an amazing asset to our team. While I've worked with many developers, Jordan's personality type is as unique as his wide range of skills. He not only has a strong focus on excelling at every task on which he works, he also makes work more fun; engaging his team members and collaborating with a contagious attitude."

- Kent Safranski, Software Architect

"This was the best experience I've ever had with software development."

- Hopefully You

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